Katerina Belkina

Personal Identity
100×78, Photography, Edition 8

Natalya Zaloznaya

85×130, Acrylic on Canvas

  Anwar Abdoullaev

Under the Stars, 100x90cm, oil/canvas


Natalya Zaloznaya – Time

Exhibition at Lilja Zakirova Gallery
3 March – 15 April 2018

The Russian Landscape

Exhibition at Lilja Zakirova Gallery
3 – 25 February 2018

Peter d’Hamecourt

Lecture & Exhibition
3 February 2018

Galerie Lilja Zakirova was founded in 1993 and is located in the historic fortified city of Heusden aan de Maas. The gallery represents contemporary Russian artists and so places itself in the ancient tradition of perpetuating the cultural connections between Russia and the West.

Lilja Zakirova selects her artists on personal title without taking in account the delusions of the day. The originality, artistic integrity and conceptual train of thoughts along with the artists craftmanship together make up her most important selection criteria unregarded to the medium in which he or she works.

Meanwhile the gallery enjoys a steadily growing clientele of art lovers who frequently visit the 16th century building in the historical centre of Heusden during it’s vernissages, lectures and small concerts in Russian atmosphere and form a surprising and notable company of collectors.