Exhibition overview

Last Saturday I was very happy to see my art lovers, my respected collectors (precious faces!) back in Heusden, I know them all by name, I still remember which work of art, when and even how much it was bought for!

This time we did not meet at Engstraat 6, but in the two unique spaces of my friends and partners Angela and Syfra van de Loo, with whom I share my love for visual arts just as much as with you. Syfra, who is also an art historian and a young collector. She is building her own collection for the art scene in the near future. Our unity lies in the insight that art helps us to endure our earthly life, art comforts and cheers us, art makes us happy because it helps us to arrive at our true selves. True art pushes us into the higher orbit of transcendence!

That is why we have so much admiration for the philosophical and poetic works of film director and artist Raoef Mamedov, treatises that have been given visual form by major photo projects. Raoef Mamedov is an artist who uses the medium of photography and is known all over the world for his Last Supper with the Apostles and even Christ represented by people with Down syndrome.

On the day the war started in '22, at the call of his heart he went to a protest demonstration, just a protest against any and all wars, where he was arrested, beaten and now blacklisted for a visa to any European country. We had to replace warm human communication with a live stream. Raoef was very nervous about this online broadcast. His story was synchronously translated by professional translator and art historian Klawa Koppenol.

Also present was our other favorite author Anwar Abdoullaev. On the floor above we decorated Anwar’s room with recent work!
After the lecture, all guests walked to Burchtstraat 3, to the house called Great Expectations (yes, yes, just like Charles Dickens’ novel), where Raoef Mamedov’s other series could be seen – Playing on the Windowsills, Biblical Scenes and a precious copy of The Last Supper in cabinet size.

Thank God technology didn't let us down, it was Raoef Mamedov's endearing story about life and death, about how by accepting the "Other" you can find the courage of Love and answer the question: who are we to each other and who are we in the sight of God.In addition to the photographic series by Raoef Mamedov and the recent works by Anwar Abdoullaev, there were recent works by Katerina Belkina and two oil paintings by Tania Kandracienka.

You can find the collection in more detail at: https://www.artsy.net/partner/galerie-lilja-zakirova/works

If one of the works has touched your heart, I would like to hear from you, Lilja Zakirova