Alexey Pankin (Алексей Панкин)

Artist Biography

Aleksey Pankin, Without Title, wood
Aleksey Pankin, Rudy. To Rudolf Nureyev, wood, 200x28x25
Alexey Pankin, Ludvig, 2013, wood, acrylic paste,165x86x28

The sculptor about his work:
My most important source of inspiration is the genealogy of the bodilyness in art: the long history of the represenation of the human body, since the archaic period to the ancient Greeks and Etruscan, to the Gothic, the renaissance and the modernism. Again and again elements from these periods return and interplay takes place.
What can the bodily form in this recurring motion express if all ritual and decorative assumptions and recognisable imagery are left behind and every possibility to identification disappears? How does “The Body” feel today when it is threatening to become stone, is confronted with the simultaneous existence of all that once was in culture?
In my work classic sculpting rules are releasded and the bodily form is deduced or blown out of proportions. Also it is ‘a cross’ with certain clues: a pointed gesture, a vase, a sign, an animal depiction or the reflexion of a dancer.
I aspire with these “hybrids” to “thin out” the usual, fleshy volume. This volume I try to distribute in a way that the strength of the current moment, of the present time, is captured.