Sergei Rimoshevski (Сергей Римашевский)

Artist Biography

Sergei Rimoshevski, Pieta, 80×70, oil on canvas

Russian artist Sergei Rimoshevski was born in 1964, in Grodno, Belarus. Due to his high level of professionalism in his portraits, paintings, allegories he appears to the observer as a director and playwright. His paintings, woven from real life experiences keep secrets, awakening the imagination. The artist reveals the world of the individual, but the reading of this world is only available to a thoughtful viewer, ready to plunge into the world of childhood. Painfully homesick for Russia, Nabokov admitted that nostalgia for him – primarily in his memories of «the ultimate, happy childhood,» – to be the most secret corner of the child’s soul in each of us, which is easily considered in seeing the paintings of Rimoshevski.