Yefim Deshalyt (Ефим Дешалит)

Artist Biography

The Palace Square. Saint Petersburg, 1957, 20×35, oil on board
Sint Petersburg, 1957, 19×35, oil on board
Sint Petersburg. Port, 1957, 18×39, oil on board
View of Peter Paulus fort, 1958, 10×18, oil on board
Fishingboats,1959, 28×70
Gursuf. View of Ayu Dag, 1958, 25×85, oil on canvas

The immense Palace Square in St. Petersburg cannot be captured with a glance, it simply does not fit into the eyes. Yet the artist Yefim Deshalyt managed to do this in a 20×35 cm format while maintaining all sizes and perspectives, everything is here, all the architectural symbols of the Empire of the Russian Tsars: the Winter Palace, now the Hermitage Museum and the Alexandrian Pillar and the Golden Spire of the Admiralty. It succeeded thanks to the professional specialization of the artist, since Yefim Deshalyt (born 1921 – died in 1996) was the creator of historical diorama-panoramic projects. This oil sketch (painted in 1957) is framed as a precious artifact in a box-shaped frame and protected by the finest museum glass.