Again About Time

Dear Art Lover, dear Collector,

With warm, sunny days ahead, I would like to invite you to visit the exhibition Again About Time with the most recent works by Natalya Zaloznaya.

From her new home in Genoa, the artist elaborates as follows: “Sometimes time stands still…or flows out of time. And then you can hear eternity. One day, sitting on a warm summer day and watching the shadows of the leaves on the grass sway under the rays of the midday sun, a strange thought came to me, I thought that the time would come and I would no longer see it, and time would also flow further and the sun’s rays would have exactly the same sway. And everything will be again and again, always.”

There is also a selection of smaller works by Katerina Belkina (including the last available “Greeting the Rising Star”) and Boy With Thorn by Tania Kandracienka.

From the upcoming weekend of May 5 until May 21, the gallery will be open weekly from Thursday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 17:00.

Restaurant VanDijk in Heusden has my recommendation for your possible dinner plans. A special Gallery package has been put together for the customers of the gallery (reservation is recommended and I can of course also do it for you).

I would like to hear about your interest and hope for a sunny reunion.

Group Exhibition – Re-Opening

Anwar Abdoullaev, Zwaluw, 26×22, od



1 May 2021 –  16 May 2021

A wide palet of recent works by Anwar Abdoullaev, Katerina Belkina, Raoef Mamedov, Lusia Popenko, Natalya Zaloznaya and a selection artists from the Social Realism period.

Group Exhibition – A Midwinter Night’s Dream

A Midwinter Night’s Dream”


18 December 2020 – 5 April 2021

Dear Collector,

Allow me to bring to your attention a short cinematographic overview of the new exhibition, A Midwinter Night’s Dream. A groupexhibition of 25 artworks (enriched with music and sound) of different artists from the gallery.

Deep in our heart, me and my artists, feel our work is a bare necessity of life. And as you know I am not a shop but a small art temple that is accessible at all times. Besides, as a Dutch citizin, I am allowed two guests, on appointment, in a safe environment and with all due respect to the measurements.

The complete catalogue with more details (titles, sizes and prices) of this collection as well as a virtual viewing room can be found at the international art platform Artsy:

Group Exhibition – Delightful Company

“ D E L I G H T F U L   C O M P A N Y ”




Thursday June 25 to Sunday July 5 2020


Forward! Onwards!

From the mental paralysis from the lockdown tot he fresh air, true art, human connection and the joy of meeting
as in this new work by Natalia Zaloznaya – Delight. Company.


I heartily invite you to the exhibition Delightful Company that is comprised of
new works by Natalya Zaloznaya, Anwar Abdoullaev and Tania Kandracienka
and is complimented with recent works from Katerina Belkina.

For a carefree visit vernissage is in a new style:

From Thursday June 25 to July 2 2020 the gallery will be open all days
and we will welcome you with a glass of champagne.

In the weekend Anwar Abdoullaev will be present for the presentation of his most recent work.

For your lunch/diner plans Restaurant van Dijk in Heusden has my recommendation. There is a special Datsja-arrangement
especially fort he clients of the gallery (reservering necessary)

Group Exhibition – Bienvenue!

With a strong conviction on the indispensable importance of art (especially when created by my artists!) the Gallery will spring to life again on May 11th with the
announcement of the new exhibition


From May 14th to June 20th 2020

Together with the works from the Garde Impériale: Anwar Abdoullaev, Katerina Belkina, Igor Tishin, Raoef Mamedov and Natalya Zaloznaya, I proudly present a new name – Tania Kandracienka (a young Belarus artist).

I look forward to your visits, as you know my Gallery allows 1,5 meter conversations and viewings. (also possible on appointment)

Expositie ‘De Heusdengangers’, 11 april – 7 mei 2017

Graag nodig ik u uit voor de Voorjaarsexpositie ‘De Heusdengangers’. Het begin van deze tentoonstelling valt met de uitvoering van de Mattheus Passion in Heusden op donderdag 13 april om 19.00 en op vrijdag de 14e om 11.00 in de Grote of Catharijnekerk.



















Op het moment dat het publiek de tentoonstelling met van Johannes Vermeer in het Louvre bestormt zijn in de stilte van mijn galerie in Heusden twee nieuwe werken van Katerina Belkina tentoongesteld. Een hiervan is een hommage aan Vermeer genaamd ‘Besrat – Good News’, het is een magnetiserende versmelting van ‘Brieflezende vrouw in het blauw’ en ‘Het Melkmeisje’. Met dit werk trekt de kunstenares een tijdsdraad van de Gouden Eeuw in Nederland naar het pulserende leven van het moderne Berlijn waar zij nu woont en werkt.

Een ander nieuw werk, ‘Receiving Orders. Salome and St. John’, is een moderne vertolking van het Bijbelse Apocrief en de Femme Fatale à la Belkina en een hommage aan de kunstenaar van de Renaissance van het Noorden Jacob Cornelisz van Oostsanen.

Katerina Belkina exhibited at ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in Kunstpalast Museum Düsseldorf

With her latest work, ‘Personal Identity’, Katerina Belkina is finishing her ‘Revival series’ exactly one year after the premier and solo-exhibition in my gallery in Heusden.


















By placing a modern woman in an oval frame, in the style of the Italian Renaissance portraits mixed with an illusionary window on the world with a mirror, the artist again turns towards herself and at the same time towards us with a questioning gaze “Who am I?”

In Katerina Belkina’s own words: ‘Personal Identity’ is a combined image of modernday men. All you can say with certainty is that it is a woman but there is no clarity on her age, social status or emotions. In Paris, in the Musee de l’Homme, there is a device that can interpret from the image of a face the estimated age, gender and which emotions are experienced at that moment. To what degree the person feels anxious, he’s feeling timidity, if he is happy or depressed. We live in a time where with the help of a telephone and a device like this we can guess who you are talking to. But, and that is the most curious, it remains the most difficult to know and understand yourself.

The work is presented in the gallery as of today and is available in two sizes (100x70cm, 50x35cm, both in an edition of 8).

The appreciation and reputation of Katerina Belkina’s work are growing by each day so I would like to direct your attention tot he large interview with Katerina in the just presented 2017 edition of Snoecks (an almanak about modern art and literature) and the upcoming exhibition ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in the Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf (from April 8th till Juli 30th 2017) where ‘The Sinner’ by Belkina is exhibited in the context of the exhibition together with works by Delacroix, Picasso, Kirchner and Warhol.

I invite you to come to the gallery for a first choice preview.