Katerina Belkina exhibited at ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in Kunstpalast Museum Düsseldorf

With her latest work, ‘Personal Identity’, Katerina Belkina is finishing her ‘Revival series’ exactly one year after the premier and solo-exhibition in my gallery in Heusden.


















By placing a modern woman in an oval frame, in the style of the Italian Renaissance portraits mixed with an illusionary window on the world with a mirror, the artist again turns towards herself and at the same time towards us with a questioning gaze “Who am I?”

In Katerina Belkina’s own words: ‘Personal Identity’ is a combined image of modernday men. All you can say with certainty is that it is a woman but there is no clarity on her age, social status or emotions. In Paris, in the Musee de l’Homme, there is a device that can interpret from the image of a face the estimated age, gender and which emotions are experienced at that moment. To what degree the person feels anxious, he’s feeling timidity, if he is happy or depressed. We live in a time where with the help of a telephone and a device like this we can guess who you are talking to. But, and that is the most curious, it remains the most difficult to know and understand yourself.

The work is presented in the gallery as of today and is available in two sizes (100x70cm, 50x35cm, both in an edition of 8).

The appreciation and reputation of Katerina Belkina’s work are growing by each day so I would like to direct your attention tot he large interview with Katerina in the just presented 2017 edition of Snoecks (an almanak about modern art and literature) and the upcoming exhibition ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in the Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf (from April 8th till Juli 30th 2017) where ‘The Sinner’ by Belkina is exhibited in the context of the exhibition together with works by Delacroix, Picasso, Kirchner and Warhol.

I invite you to come to the gallery for a first choice preview.