Games on the Windowsills by Raoef Mamedov

In the recently very stylishly restored Great Expectations House during the Monuments Day on 9-10 September 2023 in Heusden.

“And suddenly strangers appear, people clearly not from here. Clowns or wandering actors that play us scenes as strange as themselves. The pieces somewhat embarrass us right-thinking spectators. Perhaps we recognize ourselves in it, it’s like looking in a mirror. Yet we don’t want to get mad at these traveling artists, they’re just jesters after all… But wait, what happens now?”, so begins an accompanying text by the photographer and film-maker Raoef Mamedov about this five-part exhibition, which again features people with Down syndrome.

The photos, which testify to a fabulous technique and great theatrical ability, fascinate through a Caravaggesque interplay of light and dark and razor-sharp realism.
Mamedov was inspired for these photos by works by Hieronymus Bosch, while retaining the composition of ‘The Last Supper’, which is also shown in a smaller format at the exhibition. The game of citing and alluding to art and cultural history gets a surprising sequel with this work.

On either side of the central panel, which shows the master magician, are two panels, each with three ‘actors’ who confront the audience with human vices such as the folly and credulity, the greed and allurements of the game. The artist depicts the subjects in such a way that recognition of form and confusion about content begin to compete for priority with the viewer. Does Mamedov make us a voyeur or is he holding up a mirror to us? In any case, he creates the suspicion that for this artist there is a deeper layer beneath the absurdities of existence more than plausible.

This exhibition by the internationally acclaimed artist Raoef Mamedov is the promising start of the collaboration between Great Expectations Art Projects and Galerie Lilja Zakirova in Heusden, the city with rich historical and cultural traditions.

Great Expectations Art Projects
Burchtstraat 3
5256 EB Heusden

After this weekend the exhibition can be viewed on appointment: +31651193831

Again About Time

Dear Art Lover, dear Collector,

With warm, sunny days ahead, I would like to invite you to visit the exhibition Again About Time with the most recent works by Natalya Zaloznaya.

From her new home in Genoa, the artist elaborates as follows: “Sometimes time stands still…or flows out of time. And then you can hear eternity. One day, sitting on a warm summer day and watching the shadows of the leaves on the grass sway under the rays of the midday sun, a strange thought came to me, I thought that the time would come and I would no longer see it, and time would also flow further and the sun’s rays would have exactly the same sway. And everything will be again and again, always.”

There is also a selection of smaller works by Katerina Belkina (including the last available “Greeting the Rising Star”) and Boy With Thorn by Tania Kandracienka.

From the upcoming weekend of May 5 until May 21, the gallery will be open weekly from Thursday to Sunday, from 13:00 to 17:00.

Restaurant VanDijk in Heusden has my recommendation for your possible dinner plans. A special Gallery package has been put together for the customers of the gallery (reservation is recommended and I can of course also do it for you).

I would like to hear about your interest and hope for a sunny reunion.

Spring Exhibition

Dear Art Aficionado, Dear Collector,

For the Spring Exhibition I have chosen these four artistic summits by Katerina Belkina, Tania Kandracienka and Natalya Zaloznaya for you because I think they deserve all the attention and appreciation.

The gallery will be open from 2 March to 5 March and 9 March to 12 March (from 12:00 to 18:00).

Restaurant VanDijk in Heusden has my recommendation for your possible dinner plans.

A special Gallery menu has been put together for the customers of the gallery (reservation is recommended and I can of course also arrange this for you).

I would like to hear about your interest and hope for a sunny reunion.

Summer Salon

Dear art lover, dear art collector,

For lovers of history and painting, the summer months are the best time to come to Heusden.

Browse the collection of the summer exhibition in the online catalog with a small selection of Social Realist gems and recent works by Anwar Abdoullaev, Tania Kandracienka and photography by Katerina Belkina and Raoef Mamedov:

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See you in Heusden!


Spring Season

Dear Art Aficionado, Dear Collector,

I hereby cordially invite you to visit the gallery in Heusden! We are starting the Spring Season, 28 April – 15 May, with a new collection: including two new works by Katerina Belkina, recent canvases by Anwar Abdoullaev and some beautiful oil paintings by Tania Kandracienka including a new “Emerald Spinario”.

You can also browse through my online catalogue at your leisure:

For your lunch/dinner plans, Restaurant VanDijK in Heusden has my recommendation. A special Gallery arrangement has been put together for our customers (a reservation can be made directly or I’ll be happy to arrange it for you).

See you in Heusden!

Lilja Zakirova

PS. We are open on King’s Day

Meet & Greet with Anwar Abdoullaev

On Sunday, february 20 at 15:00, Anwar Abdoullaev will be guest of honor at the gallery for a Meet and Greet where he will also provide an explanation on his most recent works.

Life has returned to my fortified city, the Heusden restaurants are opened and we welcome our guests with an Uzbek delicacy.

Followers of Katerina Belkina we gladly inform that her professionality and artistry has been awarded with the Canon Award for her series  “Zweiraumwohnung”. Work from this series will also be on display.

Everyone is welcome!

Follow our collection updates on Artsy!

Late Harvest, Group exhibition

L A T E  H A R V E S T

Fall Exhibition


(22-29 oktober the gallery is closed)

LATE HARVEST – a new groupexhibition with recent works by these artists from the gallery: Igor Tishin with a new Rembrandt with graffiti autumn flames in the background, Anwars monumental Uzbek Grape picker in the glistening of the sun, Tanya Kandracienka’s warm embrace  as the herald of winter and the Goldfinch in het size 45×45 cm by Katerina Belkina and many more beautiful things!

You are most welcome on Thursday to Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00 or by appointment in the ultimate silence of the gallery in Heusden.

Spinario by Tania Kandracienka, solo exhibition


SPINARIO, Boy With Thorn

June 5  – July 4 2021

With great pleasure I invite you, from June 5th, to visit the new painting exhibition of the new artist of the gallery.

Tania Kandracienka is, besides her autonomous artistry, a PhD professor in Classical Drawing Art at the famous Minsk Art Academy and is a highly appreciated representative artist from the Minsk-school from Belarus. Her fabulous technique that has a distinct and postmodern use of colour combined with traditional clair-obscur which is typical for her style.

‘The Boy who removes a thorn from his foot’, also known as Spinario (click here for a small video, a worldfamous Hellenistic image from the Capitoline museum in Rome, forms the theme for the paintings by Tania Kandracienka in this exhibition. The barefoot human figure in an active concentration and confined in his own world, the the main motiv for this series. The young men who is not yet estranged from his origine and literally has feeling with the earth; a man without contamination, from his soles to his crown as Spinario from Rome was once characterized.

I am looking forward to sharing my admiration for the appealing work of this new artist in the gallery with you!

Group Exhibition – A Midwinter Night’s Dream

A Midwinter Night’s Dream”


18 December 2020 – 5 April 2021

Dear Collector,

Allow me to bring to your attention a short cinematographic overview of the new exhibition, A Midwinter Night’s Dream. A groupexhibition of 25 artworks (enriched with music and sound) of different artists from the gallery.

Deep in our heart, me and my artists, feel our work is a bare necessity of life. And as you know I am not a shop but a small art temple that is accessible at all times. Besides, as a Dutch citizin, I am allowed two guests, on appointment, in a safe environment and with all due respect to the measurements.

The complete catalogue with more details (titles, sizes and prices) of this collection as well as a virtual viewing room can be found at the international art platform Artsy:

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