Biography Vitaly Puschnitsky

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Was born in 1967 in Leningrad. 1994 – graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in St.-Petersburg, graphics faculty. Has been a member of the Union of Artists of St.-Petersburg since 1994. Lives and works in St-Petersburg, Russia, creates works of paintings, graphics, sculptures and installations. Works are represented in state and private collections.

State collections:

  • The State Russian Museum. St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • The National Contemporary Art Center. Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia
  • Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung Art collection. Frankfurt, Germany
  • Kolding Art Institute. Kolding, Denmark
  • The Kaliningrad State Art Gallery. Kaliningrad, Russia
  • The Novosibirsk State Art Gallery. Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Kala Art Intitute. Berceley, San-Francisco, USA
  • ArtLink Collection. New York, USA

    Private collections:
  • Private museum of Carsten Groneman. Ribe, Denmark
  • The Freud`s Dream Museum. St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • Steffan Hallskou collection. Kolding, Denmark
  • The Contemporary Art Museum ART4.RU. Moscow, Russia
  • Marat Guelman Gallery Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • Aslan Chekhoev Collection. St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • Erarta Gallery Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • RuArts Gallery Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • Umar Jabrailov Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • Alexey Alexandrov Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • Viktor and Sergey Popov Collection. Moscow, Russia
  • Anton Skliarov Collection. St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • Valeriy Beliy Collection. St.-Petersburg, Russia
    аnd other private collections in Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Russia