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Natalya Zaloznaya Borderless Kingdom Book/Buch/Boek

Natalya Zaloznaya – “Borderless Kingdom”  

With this monograph Gallery Lilja Zakirova celebrates her ten year collaboration with the Belarus artist Natalya Zaloznaya (Minsk, 1960).
Natalya Zaloznaya is a highly versatile artist whose own poetic oeuvre has gathered a worldwide group of admirers and collectors and in 2005 she was even the representative of her country on the Biennale in Venice.
The book contains full colour illustrations of Zaloznaya’s works starting with her most recent series of paintings “Present Continuous”.

The book contains quotes from the artist herself as well as an accompanying text by art historian Klawa Koppenol which provide a deep insight into the perceptions and methods of Natalya Zaloznaya.

220 pages
30 x 30 cm
90 full colour illustrations
English, Dutch
ISBN 978-90-823341-0-4

Price: € 49,95 (P&P exclusive)

Katerina Belkina Book/Buch/Boek monograph

Katerina Belkina


190 pages
30 x 25 cm
Published by Gallery Lilja Zakirova

70 full-color images from the series Paint, Home Work, Not a Man’s World, Hieroglyph of my body, Empty Spaces, Light and Heavy and Revival

Introduction “The Portrayal of a Perceived Reality by Marike van der Knaap, Art Historian
Interview with Katerina Belkina “My work is my personal theater”
Texts by Katerina Belkina for each series

English, Dutch

ISBN 978-90-823341-1-1

Price: € 34,95 (P&P excluded)

Raoef Mamedov, The Last Supper, Book/Buch/Boek

The Last Supper – Raoef Mamedov

Size: 58 pages including a detached fold out with the quintuple piece “Last Supper”

Including: 7 biblical scenes in 12 photo’s, 21 action photo’s and 1 portrait of Raoef Mamedov

Text by Marike van der Knaap

Print out: full-colour

Text in: Dutch, English and German


Anwar Abdoullaev Catalogue

Anwar Abdoullaev
56 pagina’s 28 x 32 cm 23 afbeeldingen in kleur van recente werken van de laatste twee jaar.
Inleidende tekst door Lilja Zakirova
De eerste 30 exemplaren zijn gesigneerd door Anwar Abdoullaev.
Prijs: € 28,– (exclusief verzendkosten binnen Nederland € 9,-)

Peter d'Hamecourt, In het spoor van de Russische Ziel

In het spoor van de Russische ziel

Dostojevski tussen Europa en Rusland.
Peter d’Hamecourt

Prijs: € 19,99

ISBN: 978 90 5429 431 3
Uitvoering: Gebrocheerd, 300 pagina’s
Uitgeverij: Conserve

Nog 10 door auteur gesigneerde exemplaren verkrijgbaar

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