Past exhibitions

Spring Season

Dear Art Aficionado, Dear Collector, I hereby cordially invite you to visit the gallery in Heusden! We are starting the Spring Season, 28 April – 15 May, with a new collection: including two new works by Katerina Belkina, recent canvases by Anwar Abdoullaev and some beautiful oil paintings by Tania Kandracienka including a new “Emerald [...]

Meet & Greet with Anwar Abdoullaev

On Sunday, february 20 at 15:00, Anwar Abdoullaev will be guest of honor at the gallery for a Meet and Greet where he will also provide an explanation on his most recent works. Life has returned to my fortified city, the Heusden restaurants are opened and we welcome our guests with an Uzbek delicacy. Followers [...]

Late Harvest, Group exhibition

L A T E  H A R V E S T Fall Exhibition ANWAR ABDOULLAEV - KATERINA BELKINA - TANIA KANDRACIENKA - IGOR TISHIN 10 OCTOBER - 21 NOVEMBER 2021 (22-29 oktober the gallery is closed) LATE HARVEST – a new groupexhibition with recent works by these artists from the gallery: Igor Tishin with a [...]

Intermezzo, Group exhibition

Group Exhibition Intermezzo September 18 – 26 September

Spinario by Tania Kandracienka, solo exhibition

Solo Exhibition Tania Kandracienka

Group Exhibition – A Midwinter Night’s Dream

Group Exhibition A Midwinter Night’s Dream

Solo exhibition “Delight” by Natalya Zaloznaya

Solo Exhibition Natalya Zaloznaya Delight

Group Exhibition – Delightful Company

Group Exhibition – Delightful Company

Group Exhibition – Bienvenue!

Group Exhibition Bienvenue

Solo Exhibition and Lecture by Raoef Mamedov

Lecture by Raoef Mamedov on Saturday February 1, at KRONA Museum in Uden with reprise on Saturday February 8, at Galerie Lilja Zakirova.   The KRONA Museum (the renewed museum for religious art) in Uden is at this moment showing the worldfamous polyptich The Last Supper by Raoef Mamedov, after Leonardo’s composition, where filmic theatre, […]

2018 – 8 – 23 September

2018 – 19 May – 1 july

2018 – 20 April – 12 May

2018 – 3 March – 15 April

2018 – 3 February – 25 February

2017 – 10 March – 20 April

2017 – 1 January – 1 March

Nautique – Group Exhibition (Social Realist paintings)

Katerina Belkina – Solo Exhibition

Ad Interim – Groupexhibition

Natalya Zaloznaya Time

The Russian landscape (Socialist Realist paintings & Peter d’Hamecourt)

Katerina Belkina

Anwar Abdoullaev

Social Realism

New works

Social Realism

New works and Social Realism

New works

Works and book presentation

New works