Current exhibition

Natalya Zaloznaya

Solo Exhibition “Time”

March 3 – April 15, 2018

On Sunday march 4th at 15:00 hours you and your friends are welcome to come to the vernissage of Natalya Zaloznaya’s new solo exhibition “Time”.

The imagery of Natalya Zaloznaya encompasses many painted series and consists of an astounding diversity. In one series she devoted herself to her heroes from the art history (My Dutch heroes), in another she is fulfilled with wide, rolling landscapes (Vol libre), while in a third (Present Continuous) she exhibits multiple images coming from a possible collective memory. The ability of the artist to find new ways and re-inventing herself demand adminaration.

The exhibition will be opened by Marike van der Knaap, art historian,who in a short reflection will discuss the artistic developments of Natalya from the art academy in Belarus to her participation in the Venice Biennale and the following exhibitions across the globe.

Natalya Zaloznaya and I will welcome you with a glass of champagne and are looking forward to your arrival.