Lecture and Retrospective Exhibition by Raoef Mamedov

Gallery Lilja Zakirova and Syfra van de Loo invite you to:

Lecture and Exhibition by Raoef Mamedov

On Saturday March 23, 2024
at 14:00

In Heusden (at the locations: Botermarkt 19 and Burchtstraat 3)

“I would very much like our meeting to leave an imprint,” which is how the internationally acclaimed artist and film director Raoef Mamedov begins and ends his lecture. On the eve of Easter, the artist presents the captivating story of the creation of his “The Last Supper”, which encompasses various themes of the human existence.

Mamedov’s photographic series – Plays on the Window Sills, The Silence of Mary, Biblical Scenes and a collector’s edition of The Last Supper, are exhibited in the two highly unique spaces: The Land of Promise and Great Expectations.


  • From 14:00 we welcome you to The Land of Promise at Botermarkt 19 for a lecture with an illustrated presentation. Raoef’s story will be translated synchronously by art historian Klawa Koppenol (Russian-Dutch). The lecture starts at 14:30 and lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Together with Raoef we then move to the Great Expectations building, two minutes away, at Burchtstraat 3, where the artist will give further personal notes on the works exhibited there.

You are familiar with our hospitality but RSVP desired:
lilja@zakirova.com / +31 (0)6 51193831

Take a look at the available works of Raoef Mamedov on the international art platform Artsy. Private viewing possible by appointment.

Also a small preview on YouTube.

Games on the Windowsills by Raoef Mamedov

In the recently very stylishly restored Great Expectations House during the Monuments Day on 9-10 September 2023 in Heusden.

“And suddenly strangers appear, people clearly not from here. Clowns or wandering actors that play us scenes as strange as themselves. The pieces somewhat embarrass us right-thinking spectators. Perhaps we recognize ourselves in it, it’s like looking in a mirror. Yet we don’t want to get mad at these traveling artists, they’re just jesters after all… But wait, what happens now?”, so begins an accompanying text by the photographer and film-maker Raoef Mamedov about this five-part exhibition, which again features people with Down syndrome.

The photos, which testify to a fabulous technique and great theatrical ability, fascinate through a Caravaggesque interplay of light and dark and razor-sharp realism.
Mamedov was inspired for these photos by works by Hieronymus Bosch, while retaining the composition of ‘The Last Supper’, which is also shown in a smaller format at the exhibition. The game of citing and alluding to art and cultural history gets a surprising sequel with this work.

On either side of the central panel, which shows the master magician, are two panels, each with three ‘actors’ who confront the audience with human vices such as the folly and credulity, the greed and allurements of the game. The artist depicts the subjects in such a way that recognition of form and confusion about content begin to compete for priority with the viewer. Does Mamedov make us a voyeur or is he holding up a mirror to us? In any case, he creates the suspicion that for this artist there is a deeper layer beneath the absurdities of existence more than plausible.

This exhibition by the internationally acclaimed artist Raoef Mamedov is the promising start of the collaboration between Great Expectations Art Projects and Galerie Lilja Zakirova in Heusden, the city with rich historical and cultural traditions.

Great Expectations Art Projects
Burchtstraat 3
5256 EB Heusden

After this weekend the exhibition can be viewed on appointment: +31651193831

The Russian landscape


















Video of the opening of Het Russisch landschap (The Russian landscape) with a book presentation by Peter d’Hamecourt. The collection of Socialist Realist paintings can be seen here.


Na een zeer geslaagde en drukbezochte boekpresentatie door Peter d’Hamecourt afgelopen zaterdag is de tentoonstelling “Het Russische Landschap” officieel geopend. Een overzicht van deze unieke collectie Sociaal Realisme uit de jaren ’50 & ’60 is te zien in de digitale catalogus op: https://www.yumpu.com/xx/document/view/59820187/digitale-catalogus-russische-landschap-2018. Op aanvraag stuur ik u met plezier een versie van deze catalogus met prijzen of een afbeelding van het werk in lijst en/of aanvullende informatie over de kunstenaar. En uiteraard bent u van harte welkom om de werken in de galerie te komen bekijken alwaar de tentoonstelling zal duren tot 25 februari. Er liggen nog 10 door Peter d’Hamecourt gesigneerde exemplaren van ”In het spoor van de Russische Ziel – Dostojevski tussen Europa en Rusland” in de galerie te koop.