Lecture and Retrospective Exhibition by Raoef Mamedov

Gallery Lilja Zakirova and Syfra van de Loo invite you to:

Lecture and Exhibition by Raoef Mamedov

On Saturday March 23, 2024
at 14:00

In Heusden (at the locations: Botermarkt 19 and Burchtstraat 3)

“I would very much like our meeting to leave an imprint,” which is how the internationally acclaimed artist and film director Raoef Mamedov begins and ends his lecture. On the eve of Easter, the artist presents the captivating story of the creation of his “The Last Supper”, which encompasses various themes of the human existence.

Mamedov’s photographic series – Plays on the Window Sills, The Silence of Mary, Biblical Scenes and a collector’s edition of The Last Supper, are exhibited in the two highly unique spaces: The Land of Promise and Great Expectations.


  • From 14:00 we welcome you to The Land of Promise at Botermarkt 19 for a lecture with an illustrated presentation. Raoef’s story will be translated synchronously by art historian Klawa Koppenol (Russian-Dutch). The lecture starts at 14:30 and lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Together with Raoef we then move to the Great Expectations building, two minutes away, at Burchtstraat 3, where the artist will give further personal notes on the works exhibited there.

You are familiar with our hospitality but RSVP desired:
lilja@zakirova.com / +31 (0)6 51193831

Take a look at the available works of Raoef Mamedov on the international art platform Artsy. Private viewing possible by appointment.

Also a small preview on YouTube.

Games on the Windowsills by Raoef Mamedov

In the recently very stylishly restored Great Expectations House during the Monuments Day on 9-10 September 2023 in Heusden.

“And suddenly strangers appear, people clearly not from here. Clowns or wandering actors that play us scenes as strange as themselves. The pieces somewhat embarrass us right-thinking spectators. Perhaps we recognize ourselves in it, it’s like looking in a mirror. Yet we don’t want to get mad at these traveling artists, they’re just jesters after all… But wait, what happens now?”, so begins an accompanying text by the photographer and film-maker Raoef Mamedov about this five-part exhibition, which again features people with Down syndrome.

The photos, which testify to a fabulous technique and great theatrical ability, fascinate through a Caravaggesque interplay of light and dark and razor-sharp realism.
Mamedov was inspired for these photos by works by Hieronymus Bosch, while retaining the composition of ‘The Last Supper’, which is also shown in a smaller format at the exhibition. The game of citing and alluding to art and cultural history gets a surprising sequel with this work.

On either side of the central panel, which shows the master magician, are two panels, each with three ‘actors’ who confront the audience with human vices such as the folly and credulity, the greed and allurements of the game. The artist depicts the subjects in such a way that recognition of form and confusion about content begin to compete for priority with the viewer. Does Mamedov make us a voyeur or is he holding up a mirror to us? In any case, he creates the suspicion that for this artist there is a deeper layer beneath the absurdities of existence more than plausible.

This exhibition by the internationally acclaimed artist Raoef Mamedov is the promising start of the collaboration between Great Expectations Art Projects and Galerie Lilja Zakirova in Heusden, the city with rich historical and cultural traditions.

Great Expectations Art Projects
Burchtstraat 3
5256 EB Heusden

After this weekend the exhibition can be viewed on appointment: +31651193831

Die Winterreise


‘Die Winterreise’

– Groepstentoonstelling –

28 December t/m 27 Januari 2019

Mijn beste kunstliefhebber,

Met de nieuwe tentoonstelling “Die Winterreise” stromen wij vanuit het oude- het  nieuwejaar in. De collectie zal bestaan uit trofeeën van sociaal realisme recent meegenomen uit Moskou en “winterse” werken van Katerina Belkina: Zima, Red Riding Hood, Sneeuwmeisje en Vrouw Holle.

Katerina Belkina houdt mijn galerie in een goed tempo bezig. Onder andere dankzij de laatste Sotheby’s veiling in Londen waar
2 werken voor imposante prijzen werden verkocht. http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2018/20th-century-art-l18103/lot.12.html Dus voor wie al werk van haar bezit: Gefeliciteerd! En voor wie koopplannen heeft: wees snel!

Save the date:

Wij blijven onze artiesten zoals altijd ook internationaal uitdragen. Daarom nodig ik U alvast uit voor de MIA artfair in Milaan van 22 t/m 25 maart 2019. Waar mijn galerie deelneemt met werken van Katerina Belkina en Raoef Mamedov.

Gedurende de tentoonstelling, Die Winterreise, wordt elke zaterdag om 16 uur een tafel voor 8 personen gedekt voor een Russische Thee Ceremonie met echte samovaar. Reservering voor de theetafel is hierdoor noodzakelijk.

Vriendelijke groet,


Autumn Exhibition

Autumn Exhibition

Autumn Exhibition

With great pleasure I invite you to come visit our Autumn exhibition with the ironical but romantic conceptual artist Natalya Zaloznaya with the latest paintings from her new Freeze Frame-series and the multilayered “fresco’s” by Anwar Abdoullaev whose timeless themes of autumn harvest and the winter preparations form the core of the exhibition.

The symbolism of autumn, the season of the hunt, repentance and prayers, are brought to expression by Katerina Belkina, an artist whose medium is photography and who in her recently finished series “Seasons” – used the four seasons as stages of human life. I look forward to your presence, Lilja Zakirova

Natalya Zaloznaya – Time

Solotentoonstelling in Galerie Lilja Zakirova

3 maart – 15 april 2018


Natalya Zaloznaya,The Kiss, 110×140, a-c


















De beeldenwereld van Zaloznaya, vervat in vele schilderijenseries, kent inmiddels een verbluffende diversiteit. Waar ze één serie wijdde aan haar helden uit de kunstgeschiedenis (My Dutch heroes), is een volgende vervuld van weidse, golvende landschappen (Vol libre), terwijl een derde (Present Continuous) vermeervoudigde beelden toont uit een mogelijk collectief geheugen. Het vermogen van de kunstenares om telkens nieuwe wegen in te slaan en zichzelf opnieuw uit te vinden dwingt bewondering af. De tentoonstelling wordt geopend door Marike van der Knaap, kunsthistoricus, die in een korte beschouwing zal ingaan op de artistieke ontwikkelingen van Natalya vanaf de kunstacademie in Wit-Rusland, haar deelname aan de Biënnale in Venetië en de daarop volgende succesvolle exposities over de wereld. Natalya Zaloznaya en ik verwelkomen u met een glas champagne en verheugen ons alvast op uw komst! Lilja Zakirova


Lees haar biografie. Alle te koop aangeboden werken



Katerina Belkina exhibited at ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in Kunstpalast Museum Düsseldorf

With her latest work, ‘Personal Identity’, Katerina Belkina is finishing her ‘Revival series’ exactly one year after the premier and solo-exhibition in my gallery in Heusden.


















By placing a modern woman in an oval frame, in the style of the Italian Renaissance portraits mixed with an illusionary window on the world with a mirror, the artist again turns towards herself and at the same time towards us with a questioning gaze “Who am I?”

In Katerina Belkina’s own words: ‘Personal Identity’ is a combined image of modernday men. All you can say with certainty is that it is a woman but there is no clarity on her age, social status or emotions. In Paris, in the Musee de l’Homme, there is a device that can interpret from the image of a face the estimated age, gender and which emotions are experienced at that moment. To what degree the person feels anxious, he’s feeling timidity, if he is happy or depressed. We live in a time where with the help of a telephone and a device like this we can guess who you are talking to. But, and that is the most curious, it remains the most difficult to know and understand yourself.

The work is presented in the gallery as of today and is available in two sizes (100x70cm, 50x35cm, both in an edition of 8).

The appreciation and reputation of Katerina Belkina’s work are growing by each day so I would like to direct your attention tot he large interview with Katerina in the just presented 2017 edition of Snoecks (an almanak about modern art and literature) and the upcoming exhibition ‘Lucas Cranach und die Moderne’ in the Kunstpalast Museum in Düsseldorf (from April 8th till Juli 30th 2017) where ‘The Sinner’ by Belkina is exhibited in the context of the exhibition together with works by Delacroix, Picasso, Kirchner and Warhol.

I invite you to come to the gallery for a first choice preview.